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Cheap Divorce In Thomasville and South Georgia, Without Lawyers

The $199 Divorce*

Getting divorced can and usually does cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, and even after all that money is spent often neither party is very happy with the outcome. Why does it cost so much? Is there no other choice? The cost is almost entirely legal fees paid to each attorney. No matter of the complexity of any divorce the filing files are the same; the difference is the cost of the lawyers.

In a mediated divorce there need not be any legal fees. Either party does, of course, have the option to hire an attorney, but is not required. It each spouse agrees to a mediated divorce without lawyers the only cost is the mediation fee of $199* and the court filling fees. The $199 covers the first two hours of mediation and usually is all that is required. If the parties do not reach an agreement in the first two hours each additional hour of mediation is $150. This is a good incentive for each spouse to reach agreement.