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Cheap Divorce In Adel and South Georgia, Without Lawyers

Who We Are?

We are experienced mediators who help people reach agreement and maintain as much dignity and self-respect as possible where going through the most difficult and trying experiences of life. we do help people save hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, but more importantly, we strive to help each party, and their children get on with their get on with their life without bitterness and in a situation as close to what they want as possible. We help husbands and wives reach agreement. If that is reconciliation or if that is agreement on property division and child support and custody in anticipation of divorce. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Are your mediators lawyers?

A - No, not all our mediators are lawyers, but all have advanced degrees in law and other applicable disciplines. When in mediation, even if your mediator is a licensed attorney, he or she is not representing you or you spouse and does not give legal advice to either of you.

Q - Does a mediated divorce take longer than a traditional divorce?

A - No. A mediated divorce should never take longer than a traditional lawyer represented divorce. 

Q - Do you guarantee that an agreement can be reached?

A - No, of course we can make no such guarantee. People can always be stubborn and refuse to agree to whatever is put on the table, but we are very skill at finding common ground and showing clients how it is to their best interest to reach agreement. The overwhelming majority of can reach agreement.