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How Much Does a Mediated Divorce Cost?

The costs of a mediated divorce are the filling fees with the court and the mediation fee. The filling fees in Georgia are currently between $??? depending on the county. If you have minor children you must each take a class required by the state which costs _. The first two hours of mediation is $199. If you do not have minor children this is most often enough time to reach an agreement. If you have children, lots of property or complicated settlement issues in may require more time. Additional mediation is $150 per hour after the first two hours.

It is recommended that each party, the husband and the wife share the cost of mediation equally or at least equitably. The mediator is neutral and impartial and does not represent either party. Sharing the cost reinforces this. If the wife and husband agree that one party pay all or most of the mediation fee it does not at all change the mediator's neutrality.

The $199 mediation fee must be paid at the time of mediation. Filings fees can be paid later.