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Dr. John R. Taylor - Divorce Mediator

Mediator John R. Taylor JD

Our divorce mediator in Albany and south Georgia is John R. Taylor, JD. Dr. Taylor received the Juris Doctor degree from Birmingham School of Law and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in management from Valdosta State University.

He has extensive experience and skills in the legal, management, conflict resolution, teaching, and counseling fields. Over his more than thirty year professional career he has held titles of president, CEO, general manager, college instructor, and independent business owner.

He is the father of three and has seven grandchildren. Among the many titles he has held or holds, the title of father is the most important and rewarding.  Having himself been divorced, he has an understand of the great hardship of living through a divorce. He knows the damage divorce can cause to the children of divorce, and the emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial damage it can cause to the spouses. 

Let Dr. Taylor use his experience, skills, and empathy to make your divorce as painless as possible. Divorce is never a good thing and not one escapes without suffering, but a mediated divorce does offer the best chances of protecting the families assets and for emotional healing.

Submit the contact form to begin the mediated divorce process. While it is not required, we strongly recommend that each spouse agree to the mediation or at least to considering the mediation before we are contacted. We do not represent either spouse as a legal advocate nor do with give legal advice to either party. It is best, to build trust, that each spouse have an equal part in the mediation process.